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Learn Management Basics & Tools to radically decarbonize
our society.

Access all the contents provided to Masters 2 students
during the Energy, Business, Climate & Geopolitics course.

The course available online

The course is designed for in-class lectures with 20-50 Masters students: the content is detailed and the lessons highly interactive.

The course is not online native (like MOOCs & YouTube videos), but we nonetheless
the 30-hr course content would be useful online, open and shared with everyone as soon as possible :)

Video recordings are on the way!
The Initiative

Scale Energy & Climate Education
in Business Schools

After 3 editions and very positive feedback from students & business leaders, ESCP Business School in collaboration with the Carbone 4 Academy publish the Energy, Business, Climate & Geopolitics course.


Learn Essential Knowledge on Energy & Climate

Basic knowledge on sources & the energy mix, its key role in economic development and in international relations, the causes & consequences of Climate Change documented by the IPCC, the targets & implications of the Paris Agreement.


Acquire new Skills & Management Frameworks

Essential tools such as Individual Carbon Footprint, Company Carbon Accounting, the Net Zero Initiative, identification of Business & Climate Antagonisms, development of Scenarios and other major strategic frameworks.


Build Climate Strategies with Business Cases

Analyze the limits of current corporate claims & strategies, develop ambitious business pivots and implement them to reduce emissions at the p.

All Documents in Open Access

The course comes in many dynamic formats: collaborative workshops, focus modules, speakers & conferences, etc.

This diversity plays a key role in the learning process as it structures the acquired knowledges more efficiently, challenges students in their beliefs and helps them deconstruct common misconceptions.

Participate and Spread
Climate & Energy Education

  • Reach the widest audience possible for the ESCP course on decarbonization,
  • Povide our content and pedagogic methodologies to non-ESCP teachers & trainers in a collaborative approach
    given the urgency to act and the investment required to develop these contents.
  • Circulate Research Papers, projects and articles for students & professors

Creative Commons

Creative commons licenses enable us to publish creative works and content publicly and protect authors rights.

The documents published on this website are accessible as Creatives Commons (CC - BY ND NC),  free for private use in order to facilitate learning for the widest audience and to share the content of lectures delivered.

They can be used for educational and commercial purposes under certain conditions.
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Since 2007, Carbone 4 helps companies to understand address the consequences of climate change. The Carbone 4 Academy trains teams, managers and investors to become players in the low-carbon transition.