Session 6

Electricity Market & Scenario Building


Session 6 - Part I: Tanguy Méheut presents the structure of the electrical grid and his job at EDF to balance the production & consumption of electricity (DOATT).

Part II : Etienne Meyruey presents the construction of scenarios to prepare the development of French electrical infrastructures.

Course Outline

Speaker: Electricity Market
Speaker: Scenario Building

Key Learnings

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Food for debate: Climate & Business

"Dear Shareholders, you have the choice:

either we decarbonize our activity or we pay you dividends..."

Proliferation of Greenwashing

"The more you drive, the more you clean air", Toyota.

Just one example out of many... Watch out & develop your critical sense.

Climate-Related Risks & Opportunities

The Taskforce on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) provides a framework to analyse the business Risks & Opportunities related to climate change and their financial impacts.

Physical Risks: Semiconductor Shortages

Taiwan provides 63% of the world's chip market, used for smartphones, cars, etc. Chip manufacturing requires a lot of water.

The 2021 global shortage of semiconductors was partly due to droughts in Taiwan when the government asked companies to reduce their water use.

Energy Scenario towards 2050

Do not expect it to be: clean, affordable or abundant, nor for us to be energy independent.

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Student Projects

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Tanguy Méheut


Cadre Optimiseur Journalier

Etienne Meyruey

Responsable stratégie et évaluation


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Pedagogical Note